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Given in memory

We gratefully acknowledge the many gifts given in memory of loved ones to help share God’s saving grace with the world.

April - July 2017

In memory of     
George H. Akers
by his wife, Imogene  

Robert Ayers
by Vana Thatcher 

George Andrew Baehm
by J Rita Vital 

Ryan N. Buhl
by J Rita Vital 

Martin Clark
by Jonathan & Nancy Collins 

Charley Culbertson
by Jim & Judy Culpepper 

Richard D'Avanzo
by J Rita Vital 

Myrle Dean
by his wife, Anna & daughter, Peggy  

Harold Wayne DeMoss
by Don & Maxine Rogers 

Loren W. Ewing
by Jim & Judy Culpepper 

Herbert Flemmer
by his sister, Olga Rodin 

Jewell & Ruth Foutch
by their daughter & son-in-law, Gayle & Frank Tryoff 

Carlton Freeman
by Claudie & Georgia English 

Martha Hamby
by her granddaughter, Sandra J Monette

Raymond Harold
by Marilyn Hobson  

Earleen R. Heath
by J Rita Vital

Alvina Heitzmann
by her sister, Olga Rodin

Laura Hertel
by Bill & Jackie Tucker

Helen Hurt
by by J Rita Vital  

Lenard D. Jaecks
by J Rita Vital

James V. Jerome
by his niece, Linda Davis

Benjamin G. McArthur
by J Rita Vital

Leona Miller
by her sister, Olga Rodin  

Norma C & Donna Rae Mock
by Leonard & Mavis Shockey  

Margaret E. Morgan
by her son, Sean Morgan-Bell  

Arnold Morikone
by David Morikone  

Jimmy Morikone
by David Morikone  

Roy & Eileen Morikone
by David Morikone  

Nancy A. Pellow
by her husband, William  

Nancy A. Pellow
by Reed & Deborah Heckley  

Nancy A. Pellow
by Valerie Spraggins  

MJ Perry
by Al Wiggins  

Jerry M Radostis
by his wife, Emily  

Harry & Irma Rushold
by their daughter, Udene Allen  

Anna Marie (Ruf) Schwinn
by Clarence & Esther Brummett Jr  

by Lillie Beaty  

Evelyn L. Shearer
by Verna Thatcher  

Dorothy Lanelle Simmons
by Jim & Judy Culpepper

Arlene Jane Wiggins
by her husband, Al  

Delmer Lee Wiggins
by his brother, Al  

Douglas Dean Wiggins
by his father, Al  

Elmer & Ruth Wiggins
by their son, Al Wiggins  

Harold & Crystal Wright
by their daughter, Penny Ancel  


Shelem Flemons
by Al Wiggins 

Mark Hanson
by Jane Hallock 

MJ Perry
by Al Wiggins

Harry Selent
by Jane Hallock



John H. Beth & Nora, 50th 
by Don & Maxine Rogers

If you wish to honor a loved one through a memorial gift, please indicate so with your donation and provide the individual’s name. We will be happy to include your gift on this page, which is updated quarterly.

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