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Giving Opportunities

Discover the many ways your gift today can touch a life with the love of Christ!

Provide Mission Clinics

Includes Medical, Dental or Eye Care

$16.50 (Treat 10 people)
Build Urgently-Needed Chapels

A Place for New Believers to Worship

$16 (One square foot)

Share Jesus with a Muslim Believer

Bibles and Hope for the Muslim World

$5 (Reach one person)
Gospel Workers

Seek, Reap and Keep a Great Harvest!

$16.20 (Reach 10 people through gospel workers)
Translated Bibles

Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ!

$8.50 (One translated Bible)
Bibles for Africa

Reach people in Africa with God's Word

$8.50 (Reach one person & give them a Bible)
Children's Outreach

Telling precious kids about Jesus

$74 (One children's outreach)
Reach People in India's Poorest Villages

Tell Thousands About Jesus

$13 (Reach one villager)

"Steps to Christ" for China

Government has Permitted Us to Print 30,000 Copies!

$17.90 (Four Chinese "Steps to Christ" books)
Help Sponsor a Mission Team

Reaches Hundreds for Christ!

$1,200 (Sponsor a mission team)
Provide Food, Bibles and More for Orphans

Reaching Out with the Love of Christ

$8.50 (Care for one orphan)
Evangelism Resources

Change Lives for Eternity

$245 (Evangelism resources)
Bible School Felt Set

Inviting Children to Christ

$155 (One felt set)

Critical Technology for Successful Evangelism

$460 (One projector)
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